Relief for pressurised Regent’s Canal towpath?

Today (2nd Sept) a leaflet dropped through the letter box.

It details plans for a East-West cycle superhighway. Clearly this could provide some partial relief for the oversubscribed Regent’s Canal towpath route when one considers this along with the Barking to Tower Gateway route.

The two routes combined would provide a through cycle route from Barking to Little Venice and intersect with the Lee Navigation/Regent’s Canal at Limehouse and the Grand Union/Regent’s Canal at Little Venice.

It would also provide excellent connections between the canal and the River Thames through central London.

Although the plans do not denote Little Venice as an objective it is clear the proposed route does reach Little Venice. The westernmost extremity touches the A40 Westway at its junction with Westbourne Terrace Road in London’s Little Venice.


East-West Cycle Superhighway Tower Gateway to Little Venice

East-West Cycle Superhighway Tower Gateway to Little Venice

A series of consultation meetings have been arranged and these are detailed in the leaflet. The dates of these meetings can also be seen here (combined with the North-South meetings.)

TfL has a consultation page on the proposals – however nothing is up yet (as of September 2nd.)

Update 3rd September 2014:

News coverage on the new proposed routes include a good selection of illustrations and maps at the Daily Mail.

TfL’s consultation page now has full details on the proposals, including pdfs of the leaflets that were distributed to local neigbourhoods.

Boris Johnson says he thinks these new super highways will be the longest segregated cycleways in Europe.

Does that mean we can finally say goodbye to the cycle speedsters on London’s Regent’s Canal?


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