The guy from Friends of Regent’s Canal!

This afternoon I very quickly visited the Angel Canal Festival in Islington. This is held every year on the first weekend of September. Rather than focus on boats, this time round I have posted a social commentary picture (eg boat-free) of the entrance to Islington tunnel on the London Canals website.

My choice of picture from the festival (another boat-free choice!) is this study of Ian Shacklock, who runs the Friends of the Regent’s Canal advocacy group, in their stall by City Road basin.

The picture in the background is a painting of the bridge by the Regent’s Canal at Old Ford. This bridge forms the entrance to the Hertford Union canal.

Ian Shacklock Friends of Regent's Canal

Ian Shacklock Friends of Regent’s Canal

For those who are interested Friends of Regent’s Canal has meetings at the London Canal museum in King’s Cross to discuss matters related to the Regent’s Canal. The next meeting is on 10th September 2014 7pm to 9pm.


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