A different look for London Canals’ website!


A new look is on the way for London Canals. The old look is quite tired, its the longest the site has ever gone without any changes.

After some further coding, modifications and tweaks, hopefully the new format will be up in the next week or so.

The old version is shown below for the sake of posterity!


Update 14th October 2015: London Canals’ website has a different look – its ultimately a simpler version of the older style combined with a couple of elements from the newer style that was drafted. The background in the earlier version shown at the top of the page was too distracting in many ways.

Update 29th October 2015: Improved version greatly enhancing the 14/10/2015 release published. A better & more relevant background has been created. Other improvements to be expected in due course.

London Canals' newer look 29th October 2015


The duckweed war is lost!

How green was my canal!

How green was my canal!

Usually duckweed is seen on the canals during the middle of the summer season. This year its been the first for a very very long time duckweed has extended right into the end of the summer season, its now September and this is one of the thickest carpets of the green stuff so far known!

It seems the reason is Canal & River Trust’s (CRT) equipment cant shift the stuff. Back in July CRT claimed they were waging war on the duckweed:

“The weed isn’t harmful to people, but it does spoil the beauty of the canal. Removing it is a painstaking job for the team because the pieces are tiny and they move as the boat makes its way through the water. It’s like trying to mow a moving lawn. With the weather like it is, no sooner have we cleaned a section, than a new lot has floated in, but we’re confident of getting rid of the majority before it gets any worse.” (CRT News 17 July 2015)

CRT News 17 July 2015

CRT News 17 July 2015

In past times specialist clearing machines (Taranchewer, Lee Mean Clean Machine) were able to shift the stuff quite quickly. This summer it seems CRT is relying upon a motley collection of outdated machinery to clear the stuff and its obvious they can’t manage.

Well the duckweed has got worse! Its not ugly, and it has some advantages – for me at least its great photography and for the ducks its extra food, and as this article on the Wapping waterways shows, its not entirely a bad thing – but it does have some disadvantages which CRT have listed on their website – and I’ll add it does look rather unsightly when mixed with floating rubbish.

One would have thought CRT would have got a grip on it by now but considering by the many photographs I have taken in the past few days clearly they havent.