Towpath cycling items October 2015

A couple of weeks ago I published a letter from the Camden New Journal’s editor Tom Foot regarding towpath cycling.

Towpath cycling and its discontents should certainly be of main interest to the Camden New Journal because the canal runs just a few feet away from the newspaper’s offices in Camden Road.

The CNJ does publish quite a wide cross section of letters covering cyling in Camden, including the canal towpath and Hampstead heath etc, and quite a few of these I have kept over the years.

Following Tom Foot’s letter, two more items have come up, one from the venerable Lester May who has regularly made his views most clearly known on the menance of towpath cycling. The other is from Jon Guest, who has been the London Waterways Manager for years, both under British Waterways and now Canal & River Trust.

For the sake of continunity, Tom’s letter is published once again followed by May’s and Guest’s.


Tom Foot 8/10/2015

Lester May 15/10/2015

Lester May 15/10/2015


Jon Guest 23/10/15

No matter what Jon Guest claims, towpath cycling has not improved at all. If anything cyclists are determined to go even faster and the skills they demonstrate in London’s streets and on its pavements are very adeptly used on the city’s towpath.