A different look for London Canals’ website!


A new look is on the way for London Canals. The old look is quite tired, its the longest the site has ever gone without any changes.

After some further coding, modifications and tweaks, hopefully the new format will be up in the next week or so.

The old version is shown below for the sake of posterity!


Update 14th October 2015: London Canals’ website has a different look – its ultimately a simpler version of the older style combined with a couple of elements from the newer style that was drafted. The background in the earlier version shown at the top of the page was too distracting in many ways.

Update 29th October 2015: Improved version greatly enhancing the 14/10/2015 release published. A better & more relevant background has been created. Other improvements to be expected in due course.

London Canals' newer look 29th October 2015